Future One of the great things about being a director as a life choice is that it can never be mastered. Every story is its own kind of expedition, with its own set of challenges. -- Ron Howard
SYNOPSIS   Namibia   1969   -   inside   a   forbidden   diamond   mine,   the   world's largest   rough   diamond   is   found   and   stolen   by   a   mine   worker. The   rough   diamond,   larger   than   an   ostrich   egg,   turns   out   to   be an   ultra-rare   pure   white   diamond,   which   yields   more   carats than   the   "Cullinan",   The   Great   Star   of   Africa,   mounted   in   the British royal crown. "2000   Carats"   is   an   epic   story,   filled   with   trepidation,   suspense, drama   and   romance.   Follow   the   story   as   it   unfolds   and   takes the   viewer   on   a   whirlwind   adventure   as   they   accompany   the fugitive on his escape through several continents. "2000   Carats"   is   an   exciting   film,   holding   the   viewer's   unyielding attention   from   beginning   to   end.   This   movie   provides   first   class entertainment with a difference: The core of this amazing story is true! The   author,   Mr.   Steen   Marcussen,   was   there.   He   himself   took part   in   the   investigations   and   is   one   of   only   three   survivors   who were   involved   in   this   story   which   so   far   has   been   suppressed   by Governments and big finance.
2000 CARATS director - Craig Tarling Craig has secured all the rights (except the publishing rights) to a novel titled 2000 Carats. It is a true story written by an agent who was actually involved in the investigation. His name is Steen Marcussen and he lives in Europe. He wrote the story from 1st hand experience which makes it all the more exciting.
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