Past to Present For any director with a little lucidity, masterpieces are films that come to you by accident. -- Sidney Lumet
Influences in Craig’s life  At the age of 10, Craig discovered a passion for sound. He was involved in running the sound for a couple of evenings at a stage production, hosted by the local amateur theatre. Craig was hooked and soon afterwards joined the Junior Committee of the theatre. Having the sound and lighting portfolio, he was involved in further developing his skills and solely operated many further productions. Re-designing and construction of the control room also came into play and he later progressed and joined the Senior Committee where the entire Electronics Portfolio was handed to him. Maintaining the theatre was a very demanding and time consuming 'amateur' profession, but this formed the foundation for what would later become his career choice. Craig had grown up in a household where his mom was a full time modern dancing instructor. She later became his first real 'client' who allowed him to edit her soundtracks, operate and design the sound and lighting for her stage productions, and who introduced him to the field of entertainment as well to other colleagues of hers in the dancing world. After studying electronics during High School, he joined the Military and gained further experience in the radio and communications fields. On a few occasions, he was flown back to Cape Town to engineer a number of stage productions and after the 2 year stint, enrolled at Cape Technikon where he studied Electronic Engineering. Craig later joined the team at Soundtrack Studios (Pty) Ltd (Owner by Dirk de Villiers and operated by JJ van Rensburg), a newly setup studio and started a professional career in the sound field. He worked at Soundtrack for 4 years and honed his skills by being involved in sound for film, video and bands. After Soundtrack, Craig wanted to be more intricately involved in location sound and decided to become an on- set sound recordist. He was well received in the film industry and progressed from boom swinging to sound mixer, spending the next 10 years on various sets of both local and international commercials, features and television productions. Craig is CEO of a staging and events company, PC STAGE, with a long list of repeat clients who come back year after year and refuse to work with anyone else. This can be attributed to his meticulous attention to every detail involved in managing events coupled with precise and focused pre-planning of each aspect of a production. Craig's involvement in various aspects of production ranges from the World Cup Golf (with live world-wide broadcast), Corporate Conferences and Product Launches, and sold-out concerts (Brian Adams, Chris de Burgh, Tree63, Freshly Ground, Naked Lyric and Chris Chameleon etc). This has added to his repertoire of diverse and invaluable experience in the organization and production of any type of event, from sound, lighting, vision mixing, staging and production. Wanting to know and do more on-set, and wanting to become a director, he later joined the Cape Town International Film School where he studied all aspects of filmmaking. He completed his Post Graduate Studies in filmmaking, qualifying Magna Cum Laude (& top of his class) and embarked on his career as director. At the school, Craig lit and shot a number of his own productions, as well as that of other students. He also wrote and directed a 28 minute short film entitled "Non-Fiction" which was also screened at film festivals in Los Angeles and New York. During his studies, he started designing and setting up a small post-production facility. Since then, Craig has been employed as a D.O.P. (Director of Photography) on a number of film shoots, and has also handled the post-production on many of them. In 2008, Craig joined a company named Enhanced Digital Media, and is co-owner with John Rousseau, an American producer. Craig is the Operations Manager in charge of pre-production, on-set directing and post-production for EDM. He is director, filmmaker, producer and events manager with 25 years experience in the film industry and staging & events arena.
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