PRO-DRIFT SOUTH AFRICA - Television series   Director / Producer :  Without a doubt, Drifting is the fastest growing motorsport today! What started as an underground activity on the mountain roads of Japan has developed into a high profile professional sport and has exploded in popularity throughout the world. We were developing and producing this new episodes for this fresh South African motorsport series but unfortunately, this series has not proceeded past it’s initial 3 episodes. PLANET X-AFRICA - Television Series Director / Producer :  Planet X is an action sports television series. As part of the production company, Craig is responsible for all production. This includes pre, prod and post-prod on all levels. Craig also masters and compiles all footage for broadcast. His services include editing, final mix, authoring and mastering. CORPORATE Another important and exciting aspect of filmmaking is producing corporate videos. These include inhouse productions as well as distributable videos. Craig handles all aspects, including authoring, graphic design as well as duplication and replication for his clients. He also offers live production which includes multi-cam events such as concerts.
Present I let the actors work out their ideas before shooting, then tell them what attitudes I want. If a scene isn't honest, it stands out like a sore thumb. -- David Lynch
 CRAIG TARLING Director CRAIG TARLING - Director WATCH TRAILER LINK TO GALLERY in order to watch Craig’s showreel that features clips from various shoots WATCH TRAILER WATCH TRAILER